5 Cheapest Places to Shop in Singapore

Lucky Plaza

Lucky Plaza is known to be a hub for the Filipino community in Singapore. But look a little further and you will realize that it is also a buyers’ paradise! There are lots of stores selling really cheap jewelry – I’m talking about 3 for 10 headbands, watches and accessories – and really cheap clothes too. Being located right in the center of Orchard Road is truly amazing

Discover Speed ​​Fashion on the 4th floor for tops starting at $ 2 each. The women who work here are also very friendly and, although being a shop, I managed to get away too. That’s right, Singaporean kiasu in the house!
Address: Lucky Plaza (304 Orchard Road, s238863)
Price range: $ 2 – $ 15

City plaza

City Plaza is a unique shopping destination in Singapore because it is a wholesale mall that supplies blog stores with their stock. That said, you don’t need to own a blog store to take advantage of these offers, as fierce competition means that store owners have also had to sell their products to regular customers for a slightly higher price. But hey, you still won’t hear me complain!

My advice is to get a very large group of girlfriends and take a field trip to City Plaza so you can get a wholesale price. More the merrier, the merrier! Trust me, it’s worth it. With City Plaza, you’ll never have to fall prey to ridiculously overpriced clothes again. Never. Already. No.
Address: City Plaza (810 Geylang Road, s409286)
Price range: $ 5 – $ 20

The publisher market

The publisher market is by far the most avant-garde option among all those mentioned. The idea is similar to that of City Plaza in that the more coins you buy, the cheaper it is. I also love the look of the store, it’s very industrial chic, without anything to distract you from your main objective: clothes!

It is impossible to come here and not find something that you like. Whenever I am here, I have had to make several trips to the locker room because I feel the need to try almost everything. And well, it’s a good thing because the more I buy, the more I save, right?

It’s also helpful if they have an online store so you don’t have to take off your pajamas or leave your bed.
Address: The Editor’s Market, # 03-04 / 06A, Cineleisure Orchard (8 Grange Road, s239695)
Price range: $ 20 – $ 50

Bugis Street

Bugis Street is touted as the largest street store in Singapore and this is absolutely true. You can very easily get lost in the labyrinth-shaped alleys of this bazaar. Despite this, it is still worth a visit because you will find a myriad of different clothes, from women to men, fashionable to completely old-fashioned, tasteful to vulgar, whatever you are looking for, you will find.

I’ll be honest though, being claustrophobic (and phobic), Bugis Street is not one of my favorites. Narrow passages and subdued lighting don’t help either. If you’re like me, you might want to sit this one down.
Address: Bugis Street (3 New Bugis Street, s188867)
Price range: $ 5 – $ 15

Thrift stores

Honestly speaking, savings may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you visit the thrift store full of patience, there are many gems to discover. It will take a bit of digging through shelves of slightly grotty clothing but you’re almost certain to find at least one thing that will tickle your fancy. One of my friends found a black velvet skirt that she was wearing at the prom for $ 2. No, you haven’t read it wrong, half a ball outfit for $ 2!

Don’t be afraid to cut, nail or shred the clothes you buy to add your own personal flavor. So channel your inner Macklemore, head to the thrift store and take advantage of all its used splendor.
Address: Hi-Thrift Store (1 Geylang Lorong 23, s388352)
Price range: $ 1- $ 10


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