Places For Shopping In Changi Singapore

Changi Airport in Singapore is not only the common airport from where people take flights to all destinations, but it is also like a city in its own right. The facilities that Changi Airport provides make it the best airport in the world. Since the airport only works on international flights, you can see people mainly from other countries here at the airport. There are many things you can do at the airport while you wait for your next flight.

DFS Singapore Changi Airport

DFS Singapore at Changi Airport is a shopping mall where you will get things from the most expensive price to the cheapest price according to your preferences. It is a place that offers exciting attractions for the whole family in a safe and pleasant environment. If you’re a shopaholic, this is going to be a paradise for you and you will always remember the shopping experience you bring back from here. There are also duty-free products at affordable prices for you.

What to buy: general purchases from the most expensive brands to duty-free products.

Changi City Point

Located in the Changi Business Park area, Changi City Point is a shopping center where you can shop. You can find branded outlets of famous brands like Nike, Adidas, Lacoste, Pedro, etc. for which this mall is famous. The mall is beautiful both inside and out and the theme on which it is designed is to die for. The wet and dry playground on level 3 of the shopping center which is also a roof garden is exceptional and you will love it.

What to buy: Branded products at factory prices.


Challenger is a duty-free shopping center at Changi Airport where you can buy different products which are exempt from local duties and taxes and therefore you get them at very cheap prices. With more than 350 stores, Challenger is one of Changi’s largest shopping centers. You can not only shop here but have the best dining experience at the restaurant which offers dishes from different cuisines. In different stores, you can buy different products of your choice and rest assured that you will have the best shopping experience of your life. The store is crowded and packed all year round because of the duty-free products it sells.

What to buy: general purchases in different stores

Eu Yan Sang

Eu Yan Sang is a retail store at Changi Airport where you can buy general items at very affordable prices. The store offers various deals and deals throughout the year which is very handy for pockets and whenever you are in Changi, be sure to check out the best deals and deals that day. From food items to gift items, kitchen items and much more, you can shop at a reduced price. There is also a special section for seniors where you can buy seniors from your home or themselves can buy as they wish.

What to buy: Grocery items

The Planet Traveler

If you are at Changi Airport, it is a sure thing that you will travel. If you are traveling and have a thing for travel accessories, The Planet Traveler is the place not to be missed. Every and every travel accessory you could think of is available in the store and no matter if you are looking for a simple travel bag or travel bag, this store has everything for you. Planet Travelers are the best in the industry and you should definitely visit them.

What to buy: Travel necessities and accessories


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